Does it feel like your kitchen is outdated? Would you like it to be more practical, more functional? Maybe you have a bathroom that is due for a “makeover”? Let Boyce CC customize your home to fit your needs. Kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor livings, additions… we do it all! We will give you a well-designed, efficient use of space and provide a level of craftsmanship that will exceed your expectations. If your home is in need of a remodel or redesign, Boyce CC can bring your vision to life!


We all love to see the sunshine, blue skies, and palm trees here in Florida, but we also want our homes to be secure from the elements. Windows and doors when properly installed not only let the light in, but they keep the rain out. Recently, Boyce CC was tasked with installing 6’ x 13’ sliders into a new multi-million dollar home in Naples, as we are one of the few companies capable of doing such a job properly. So, if you are looking for new windows and doors, we will help you bring the serenity of the view outdoors, inside your home.


Like a fine piece of jewelry, wood trim helps to complete the look of a room. Crown molding, baseboards, door frames, casing, and tongue & groove ceilings are just some of the things we can do to enhance your living space. Not only does wood trim embellish your home, but it has functional applications as well. For example, baseboards help to protect your drywall; it guards it from scuffs and dirt as well as creates an aesthetic flow throughout the home. We understand that no wall is perfectly straight. Installing base board will create a nice, tight joint between the wall and the floor, and help hide any tiny flaws. Crown molding helps to “frame the room”, and can be an excellent accentuating style that brings out the designs and architectural flow within your home. It can also be installed over kitchen cabinets and fireplace mantels, which can further enhance and compliment the styling within your home. Boyce CC is known for its custom wood-trim installations. Let our skilled craftsmen enrich your home with these fine details.



We can all use more storage! “Built-Ins” not only provide extra storage space, but they do so in an organized and efficient manner. Built-Ins become a part of the room, rather than bulky pieces of furniture that overwhelm and consume precious space. Looking to “clean up” your mud room? Transform it with clothing hooks, cubbies, benches, and shelving. Wondering what to do with all those books you have accumulated over the years? We can create custom, built-in bookcases or shelving, which are also great for displaying unique items. Built-Ins are an easy renovation – Let Boyce CC show you that you have more room than you think.


As much as we enjoy the incredible weather here in Florida, we do have to deal with a tremendous amount of rain during the summer months… not to mention the occasional hurricane! Protecting our homes from water intrusion is vital. Even the smallest of leaks over time can cause a myriad of issues – stained ceilings, ruined drywall, and mold. One incidental leak can end up costing thousands of dollars if gone unnoticed, and it can be stressful attempting to source a competent contractor to trust for your home repairs and maintenance. Boyce CC is an expert in finding the source of water intrusion. Once detected, we will make sure that the leak is repaired properly from the source, using the correct product specifications so it does not happen again. We can put your mind at ease by keeping the water where it belongs… outside!


Basically, Building Science is the knowledge of the “physical behavior” of buildings, and how it impacts energy efficiency, comfort, indoor air quality, moisture, heat, health, safety, and durability among other things. Applying this knowledge to the construction of a new home or a remodel is vital if we want to create a comfortable, efficient, and worryfree living environment. Boyce CC is educated in the field of Building Science and applies that know-how in all aspects of our work. We take pride in the great level of detail that goes into analyzing, planning, and designing within the scope of our work. We have adopted a scientific approach to our work to ensure that we are operating at an unparalleled level of efficiency and confidence.


Thermal Imaging is the use of special equipment that converts heat into a visible image allowing the analysis of a given area. Temperature differences revealed in the image help to discover various issues like water or air intrusion, thereby making Thermal Imaging an essential and beneficial tool.


Are you looking for something that’s unique? Something specifically designed for your home and needs? Then look no further than Boyce CC, because custom work is what we do.


What Is Hardie Board Siding? Hardie Board siding is a super durable siding product that looks amazing, lasts a long time, and comes with a fabulous warranty. It is made of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers, which combine to create an outstanding material to both protect and beautify homes.


Building a new home can be a monumental task. There is a tremendous amount of “moving parts” that all need to come together. We at Boyce CC hold ourselves to incredibly high standards, and every aspect of the homes we build must meet those standards. Everyone involved during every step of the process must have the same commitment to excellence as we do. We bring together the best craftsmen and contractors in an effort to accomplish one goal…to build you the house of your dreams.